squash day 2

September 28, 2010

started with skipping the rope at home .. was getting tired in 20-30 skips initially. very low lung power? where is all my yoga practice going?

then went to the court after warming up at home. was able to do ghosting 6-7 times in between rails. yeah they were shorter than yest, but already there is an improvement in a day.

sweated much more than yest as well. happy.

left leg ITB still tight all the way up into the hip. right shoulder hints of pain, very mild though.


The snow leapord

September 27, 2010

I had read 1/3rd of the book in 2007. I finally got a chance to complete it now.

In 2007, I thought it was a good read.

I differ now.

This was a classical case of a pseudo spiritual quest using a 2 month remote himalayan travel as a prop. What put me off was the author trying to dissolve the “I” and becoming more mindful of the “now” for spiritual attainment, while doing a disservice to fellow humans and relations. what with leaving a small kid behind soon after his mothers death,  a racist attitude towards the sherpas, being irritable often, and indulging in marijuana in the trek !

The narrative also details too many minutiae about the surroundings which becomes a drag after a while.

Some of the references to other works are nicely tied with the local geography and culture though.  But the authors self serving attitude and the constant verbose quest about spiritual attainment defeats everything.


September 27, 2010

Thinking of getting into squash again.

Went to the courts at 445 PM today. I did:

50 side jumps hand claps

30 jump front in pushup position

some stretching

Already Tired!

Knocked a few parallels. Then did ghosting for maybe 20-30 shots, panting like a dog.

2 more ghosting after intermittent rests. Stamina is very low, though I also have an irritated tummy, maybe thats why.

Some cross-volleys from the T to strenthen to prepare the shoulder.

While ghosting, realized that doing it on the forehand side strenthens my left leg, at least uses it more. The left ITB/hip muscles are feeling exercised, this is a good way to strenthen my left leg, I think.

Need to increase the stamina first.

Lets do ghosting and court sprints for a week, and see what improvement we get.

Need to create a stretch schedule as well.

Thanks for dinner

August 27, 2010

Thank you O lord, for the food I just ate.

Someone most have toiled hard in a farm to produce this.

A lot of effort has been expended to get it to my table, middleman, transport, fuel, cold storage, ..

A forest must have been cut off to make space for farming

fertilizers must have been repeatedly used wasting the topsoil

wildlife must have been disrupted due to farming

a dam may have been built for irrigation – which may have disrupted life in turn

ad I can not imagine what else – all for this simple meal.

and YET and YET I complain

thank you!

osho on living

July 23, 2010

Read on the Yogani forums:

he truly embodied the way of meditation, no-mind as he called it lovingly, where life was not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to enjoy. Not to think about life until one is caught up in a web of one’s own making, but to see with receptive eyes the world around and the inner world and to love it all. That’s a beautiful, powerful message.



July 21, 2010

Capt Gopi quotes Shakespear (p 153):

“Indecision is in itself grief”

I am not able to find the relevant text online. But it rings so true.


July 2, 2010

Was indeed invigorated by the yoga session yesterday. I added headstand yesterday to the modified ashtanga routine I have been practicing. Headstand seemed to have put me in a zone. Very focused and meditative. Hope I am doing it correctly. The body will tell I guess.

Yesterday I got the activa from HSR and went to central to get the 500 off on the pants which was not taken care in the original bill. Also changed the addidas sneakers and got a pair of denims, and adidas floater and a shirt for P as a birthday gift.

Went to adventureworx in Jayangar 3rd block and got myself a quechua backpack – 50L with a front opening and an extra rain cover. Then rode to brigade road and got the canon sd700 from the service guy – manju. It was focusing well there in front of him, but this morning its not focusing! Will take it back to him today.

Mood log

April 25, 2010

Had a restless night’s sleep last night. Went to sleep with an agitated mind.

Morning comes and I am engulfed in bit of sadness. What am I doing in life? Why can’t I organize things around me: material, finances, relationships, career, times, ideas, dreams ..? Why can’t I have consistency in mood, thoughts and objectives? Why does everyday have to be different?

Feeling the need for a constant companion.

Well, to be fair, I should not be venting this much, success does come to me on its own, in a lot of ways, and many a times without even trying!

Mum leaving today for Delhi, that doesn’t help either. Took her to the ayurvedic doc yesterday, he suggested diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy and prescribed a couple meds. Lets see.

On Cave Dwelling

April 12, 2010


Some interesting thoughts here.

A few months ago, I attended a party high in the mountains in Malibu, California, given at a cave occupied by the man who threw the party. I asked him why he lived there, and he said that it simplified his life. He wanted to write a book, but he didn’t want to waste writing time working at a 9-to-5 job just to pay rent.

He said that he also wanted to reclaim a prehistoric lifestyle, because it made him see the world differently. He felt that it really was not necessary to live with much money at all, for he had discovered that he needed very little to survive.

This man enjoyed the solitude and harmonious feel of cave-dwelling — a lifestyle connected to the rising and setting of the sun.

Many of my friends have spoken to me about their experiences of living in caves for a week or a month. They always speak of the profound connection it enables them to feel with the Earth and with the Universe.

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Self Insight #1

April 6, 2010

My biggest problems are my mood inconsistency and lack of direction.

Maybe fixing one of these would help fix the other?