A Surreal Dream

Had a very surreal semi-dream. One of those experiences where you are partly awake and partly dreaming but you still have a very tiny bit of control over the dream and you switch back and forth between dreams and thoughts.

It was dawn, maybe around 6.00 am and I was partially roused by a crows cawing outside. I am not accustomed to being woken up in such a manner, but it gave me a somewhat pleasant feeling. Though I seemed to have lost my bearings. My mind went in a tailspin trying to figure out where in time and place I was.

First I thought I was a small kid in my summer holiday time, then I thought I was in my boarding school, then I thought maybe it was my happy college days and so on. All along, I was faintly aware, that I was in none of these halcyon timeframes but somewhere else and I did not want to close down on it. I could also somewhat observe my mind trying to place myself and in some fleeting instances it felt like I was consciously forcing the process.

The conscious and the unconscious parts finally merged in the realization of where I was. I woke up with a slight feeling of happiness associated with the happy times and uneasyness with the present.


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