Brain dump

A very lazy day. Did not do much at all. Kept worrying about the long list of things that need to be done but didnt make much of an effort to get anything done.

The better part of the day was hearing from didi that she is better and the confirmation from the doctor.

Amongst the things I was worrying about:

– The UK visa issue.

– Hosting A etc when he comes visiting, and calling others at the same time.

– What to ship and what not? Primarily about the music system, guitar and books.

– Buying a new squash racket and shoes. Do I need new shoes?

– Planing about the upcoming trip on the weekend.

Went to pick A in the evening and his endless innocent questions and comments paralyzed me into further inaction. The charmer.

I wanted to go to Lake Crater but looks like it is closed this time of the year. The other option is 
Redwood Forests.

Things I need to do tomorrow:

– Finalize the trip.

– Rent a Van.

– Get the documents ready for the visa interview.

– Talk to V and P about a gettogether.

– Return DVD to the library and get a book on Europe.

– Order Squash racket and camera/mp3 player.

– Think of 401k Rollover.


One Response to “Brain dump”

  1. jen Says:

    we all worry , huh. funny.

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