Lake Crater

So we ended up going to crater lake in OR. I had really wanted to see this from a long time. I was pleasantly surprised when D and S agreed to come along as well at a very short notice.

The lake didnt disappoint, niether the drive. From the initial viewpoint, I climbed down some 100 feet in the snow, where another family was returning from. It was precarious at points and I couldnt help wondering if the family was experience snow folks with ski boots on or just that my sense of adventure and balance had jaded without my knowing.

Anyways, the views from that point were plain stunning. I remember myself swearing 15-20 times in awe at the initial impression, after which I sat down and admired the amazing gorgeousness of the whole thing. It was really breathtaking. What struck me was the serenity and the placidity of the waters, just exceptional, since there is no inhabition bordering the lake (only steep mountain walls) and no commercialization at the viewpoints as well.

While going we took I-5 and 97N in OR. Returning, we took 97 N to Klamath falls (where we slept overnight at a nice Quality Inn) and the 66 W to Ashland, and I-5 South. Very scenic routes. Plenty of snow covered peaks fooling around with the clouds. Dense Pine forests. For me driving on scenic routes is a major destination.


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