Sis had a surgery yesterday for her non-malignant parotid gland growth. She was admitted yesterday and the operation lasted 3 hours from 6.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.. The surgery was done in Clementine Churchill Hospital in Sudbury. This is an upscale hospital in an upscale area near the famed harrow school.

She was transferred today from the ICU to the room at around 2.00 p.m.. The room is nice. The wall opposite the door is a huge glass window wall-to-wall and almost bottom to ceiling. It looks out to a grassy green slope gently rising away from the window at an approximate 45 degree angle with some trees sprinkled here and there. Midway up the slope are wildflowers all over with a backdrop of trees. Very green with squirrels and birds hopping about.

There is no wireless network here though, unlike hospitals in the US. At least, the one where my sis-in-law had her delivery had a wifi network and I suspect other hospitals would be having it too. Though, to be fair, that was a hospital in the silicon valley, where folks can forget their wallets at home more easily than their laptops.

The hospitals here also don’t allow a relative (attendant) to sleep over when the visiting hours are over (9.30 pm). Unlike in India where an army of relatives take over the hospital and one relative stays with you at the very least. I have been admitted in hospitals 3-4 times in India. Once I start getting better I find the experience very enjoyable. All near and dear (and some not so near too) visiting while you just lie in bed and get a lot of flowers and get well soons. Some folks just sit there and sympathize, having no clue what to say and you just enjoy their misery. Its fun.


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