T calls for a time off

Got up at 5.10 am today for the ashtanga yoga class.

Came back and tried to work but was too sleepy so slept off for an hour.

Talking to T on phone, she wants a time out of our 4 month relationship. I had been thinking of proposing that myself for a while but kept putting it off, like always. She says she wants me to get clarity first, commit completely and then meet the parents.

I havent been so sure about her actually from the begining. She is smart and all, but our frequency level might be different. She is not completely over her ex yet and keeps bringing him up every so often. Looks down upon drinking, and eats veg food only. Family sounds very conservative, overprotective and political. She herself sounds very much the later two.

Besides she is just starting out in her professional life at 30, and has all the enthusiasm and ambitions one has starting out. I feel like so old for that :). Keeps expressing her desire to live outside, drive luxury cars, go to HBS, etc.

Nonetheless, I am feeling very low. Its hurting. Hope it will be better tomorrow.

On another note, my sleeplessness got pretty bad after the new year. I was just not being able to sleep all night, no matter how early I slept. I have restored to serious measures. The ashtanga yoga class. Trying to get up at 5 AM everyday, so that I feel tired and sleepy by 9.30 PM.

Will go down fighting, if it comes to that.


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