Dr. Giridhara kaje

Went to visit dr Kaje with A and R yesterday. His office is in malleshwaram – I think 7th main 3rd cross near sampige road.

The doc only saw for 3 minutes or less. I was mentally preparing the list of All the things I wanted to discuss – knee, skin, sleep, shifting pain, etc but couldn’t due to time pressure. The doc wrote down all but said first I will treat constipation and skin (maybe he said knee too?) and gave me meds for 40 days. There is no consultation fee only the price you pay for the meds.

What unsettles me is that he did not check my pulse or the knee at all! He just said “ok” after listening to each problem and at the end gave the prescription. He did not tell me what. The problems are and how the meds will address them. I thought I will google them later but the writing his not very clear and there’s not much google is throwing up for nearby terms!

Let’s see what happens in 40 days. Next timei am grilling him for sure!


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32 Responses to “Dr. Giridhara kaje”

  1. Sharmila Says:

    Dr Giridhar Kaje is a wonderful person and doc . I have met him and consulted him , seen fruitful results , the same was the case when i first went to him – i used to ask his clinic people who dispense medicines – telling them my issue and asking them if doc had ever treated a case like mine, they would confidentially say yes

    So it was in last April 2009 when i first consulted him he never saw my reports and heard me though – and suggested me medicines and said all would be fine .

    Today after an year – i would say i have a beautiful baby girl and my entire pregnancy and the prenatal and post natal care was only on Ayurvedic medicines of Dr Giridhar Kaje – I never had taken a single allopathic medicine during this time

    Trust me – and i can vouch for it – would be free from your ailments
    He is selfless very very knowledgeable

    Just follow what his says and i am sure you would be fine

    A gem of a person ~

  2. shunyavada Says:

    @sharmila, yes I liked him personally as well. But I wish he had said more to give me some placebo :), or something to the effect that my problem(s) are due to this or that and the medicines he is prescribing have these things in them and this is how they will cure me.

    Anyways, I am taking his therapy with full faith.

  3. Sharmila Says:

    You know what he used to tell – When i used to ask him questions and put across my worry and fears – He used to tell me dont worry leave worries to me

    And he treats the major thing and then the rest later

    So where do you stay in Bangalore ?

    Do Mail me @skamath5@rediffmail.com

  4. Ramesh Says:

    Yes..Sharmila is very true. My wife had Spondilytis for almost 2 years. She had severe pain on neck and lower back region. We carried out all kinds of scans and tried all kinds of treaments. Nothing seemed to work. Finally, we came to know about Dr. Giridhar Kaje through some article in a news paper. My wife had been taking medicine from him since 3 months, and she is perfectly okay now.

    • Prashanth Says:

      Hi Ramesh, I am been suffering from knee pain for last about 8 months. Consulted quite a few specialist doctors; underwent many investigations. Nothing worked. I am planning to consult Dr. Kaje. Hope to get relief there.


  5. pramod Says:

    Dr Giridhar kaje is a very good Ayurvedic doctor… I felt it by watching is programme in TV9 (kannada news channel), Shankara channel and Chandana (DD kannada) and got his treatment. I have realized it after my treatment. He treats VIPs too. Late kanada actor Vishnuvardhan, Current Karnataka Law minister Suresh kumar etc.. etc.

    By the way, Mr SHUNYAVADA.. you got cured ?

  6. ANAMIKA Says:

    Dr Giridhar kaje is a very good Ayurvedic doctor… I felt it by watching is programme in TV9 (kannada news channel), Shankara channel and Chandana (DD kannada) and got his treatment. I have realized it after my treatment. He treats VIPs too. Late kanada actor Vishnuvardhan, Current Karnataka Law minister Suresh kumar etc.. etc.

  7. Arvind Says:

    I met Dr Kaje as I am overweight. He just checked my pulse and prescribed medicines. I am taking that medicine from 6 months and no result. I am also following his words regarding diet etc.

    • sathish kumar Says:

      It is very difficult job, If it is difficult to fill in bank balance, it is other way round. Just medicine does not help in bring down your weight. It should be combination of efforts. You need Yoga, walking bout 5-7kms, strict dieting, Strictly no oil ( ZERO OIL). Then early breakfast, mid day lunch ( around 12.00 to 1 PM ) early dining ( around 7.00PM) then go to bed after 9.00 PM. If you can do this. Donot go to Dr Khaje. No medicines.

  8. shubha Says:

    Before taking medicines given by any doctor you should have belief on him… otherwise it will not work. And I don’t have words to say anything about Dr Kaje… as Sharmila said he is a gem of person…

  9. patient Says:

    I am suffering from spodylitis since 3 years…. i lost all hopes in my life.. will this doctor help me? please tell me

  10. K Upadhya Says:

    ……………….”I met Dr Kaje as I am overweight.”

    Do you know what’s his age and how much does he weigh?

    Read his page “www.drgiridharakaje.com”, if you are intelligent you can make your own decision about him.

    He claims he has 100 patents …! ooooops. This is absolute fraud. Does he have any? I was impressed and giving lectures about him in India and US. Then I met one of his class mates to realize how much to discount his words. Checked in all patent offices in India and USA. This is aN absolute false claim.

    However, he may be a good doctor ( I have mixed opinion..wish to reserve the comment).

    Shoonya…did you get better ?

    • dustallergies Says:

      K Upadhya…I think we must not get personal about a doctor or his weight. He is comfortable with his weight and someone here wasnt and so she went to the doc. And you dont know what that patients real condition is or the reason for overweight is.

      I really wonder if it matters to us as to what he claims as long as he does his duty better than most acclaimed physicians (from great universities, fancy degrees, innumerable patents…yet cannot cure a single allergy issue) who promised me that my allergies could get better with an operation and nothing else.

      To me it doesn’t matter as to what he claims. I go to him every time I have an issue, explain clearly as to what are my problems and symptoms and then ask him to cure it and its magic that he cures it.

      But I am sure of one thing…his classmate must be jealous of his popularity 😉

  11. raju Says:

    Checking the pulse is a big drama. He is famous because of publicity programs in TVs and news channels.! Lot of health problems do get better with or without medicines!

  12. reddy Says:

    i’m suffering from sinusitis from past year.. and from past one month am taking a medicine from Dr. kaje.. no fruitfull results.. lets wait n watch…hope my problem may get cured…

    • Neeraj Says:

      @reddy – Have you tried Jal Neti, I don’t have sinusitis, but I do jal neti off and on and its great for your nasal passages. Tonnes of youtube videos to self learn from. Find pure sea salt (un-iodized) if you can. Hope it gets better.

  13. dustallergies Says:

    I had severe dust allergies since 1998 – about 14 years now and it was really bad. So severe that I just couldn’t step out of my house without worrying about dust allergy. In fact my breathing had become abnormal because of the fear of allergies. I went to Dr. Giridhar Kaje for treatment and I have completely recovered (just in about a month of taking medicines from him I did see substantial recovery). So I know his medicines really work.

  14. Rachana Malik Says:

    i had just went through scan my 2 fibroids has been decreased by 1.25 cms, i ma happy 🙂

    • indira Says:

      hi, I have 2 fibroids (one is 12*5*12). I have been taking medicines from dr kaje for last one year. Now after a year, size of the fibroid is same, but the symptoms have become zero I.e., no pain and regular periods. Allopathic docs are strictly advising 4 immediate surgery,however, Dr Kaje is asking me wait, as he is confident that it can be cured. how is your fibroid? Are u still continuing with dr kaje. your reply will help me in a great way, as I have 2 decide on surgery as soon as possible. Thanking u in anticipation.

  15. nagalakshmi Says:

    Nagalakshmi Ranganna

    First I want to thank Dr.Giridhara Kaje because my grand son is suffering from weizing from 18 months. They gave a very good medicine. Now he recovered. Now he is very active. Completely he is out of danger.
    Thanks to Giridhar Kaje Doctor. May God bless their family.

  16. Dr giridar kaje Says:

    Hi, can i get doc kaje clinic address i too want to take treatment for my problem .


    Dr.Giridhar Kaje is a good experienced doctor thru my experience.
    I had severe shoulder pain which was called frozen shoulder , I tried
    some medicines which did’t work, one of my friend suggested me to consult Dr. Kaje , I approched him & told him my problem, he checked my pulse & prescribed me tablets for 40 days, within 30
    days my shoulder pain was cured & satisfied, now i am comfortable.


  18. Nature Says:

    Hi All,

    Can anyone tell me that if some one has got cured from asthma completly.

  19. Dheeraj Says:

    has anyone got treated for hair fall. If so wanted to know is there any improvement

  20. Abhishek Balipadi Says:

    Hello All,
    I am wanting to visit the doc too. Has anyone taken any medication for psoriasis from him. Wanted to check before i go. Do let me know. Also, anyone for Anxiety or obesity. Want all the 3 addressed by him. Do let me know. Thanks in Advance.

  21. vidya Says:


    I’m 13 weeks pregnant. Have a uterine fibroid of 8cms. Very worried as of now. Is there any remedy for this in Ayurveda? Thinking of visiting Dr. Kaje for this as I believe in Ayurveda. Any suggestions?


    • Anita Says:

      Hello Ma’am,
      this is regarding your post dated 2014 with regard to Ayurvedic medicine for treatment of fibroids. Wanted to understand if it was fruitful as even I have been diagnosedwith 9.6 cms fibroid and I have had a miscarriage recently.
      kindly let me know your experience on this please. Lookin forward with anticipation for your reply.


  22. Kumar Says:

    Can ayurveda has permanent treatment for allergic bronchitis or asthma?
    Also, can any one got cured from allergic bronchitis completely. If yes, then what is procedure u took and how much days it requires apt. Thanks!

  23. Nagaraj Rao Says:

    My kid( 1 year old) had wheezing problem and we had nightmares during our stay in Texas. We had to get him out of the Nebulizer and the Steroids the doctors administered on him. We visited Dr. Kaje last year and after that it has been since a year that we have nebulized him. We are currently in U.S and we cannot get the pulse checked regularly and have to rely on someone travelling to U.S to get the medicine but nevertheless the medice that Dr Kaje gvae us have helped us in a big way to stop Neb treatment and now my kid has wheezing only when he is an external infection and otherwise he is perfectly all right.

    This improvement would have never worked out for us if we had not visited Dr. Kaje.

    Thank You Dr. Kaje

  24. User Says:

    This is my personal opinion and I welcome any disagreement with my views.
    The consultation session with Dr.Giridhar Kaje was substandard. I visited for my hairfall problem. He ‘checked’ the pulse rate, which appeared like a drama. The only question he asked was about what problem I have. He didn’t even have a look at my scalp. He wrote 2 tablets and a shampoo on the prescription looking at his computer, which I’d to purchase at their in-house medical shops. The medicines he wrote don’t appear on google search either. He refused to see the prescriptions of the doctor whom I’d consulted previously. It was a 5 minute session. I was then sent to the ‘panchkarma’ specialist in the next room who asked me to not eat junk food (I didn’t know junk food is bad for health). I asked her what I should include in my diet, and was told vegetables and fruits (I wasn’t aware of this either).
    This is just another commercial healthcare centre, without any genuine expertise in medicine.

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