The snow leapord

I had read 1/3rd of the book in 2007. I finally got a chance to complete it now.

In 2007, I thought it was a good read.

I differ now.

This was a classical case of a pseudo spiritual quest using a 2 month remote himalayan travel as a prop. What put me off was the author trying to dissolve the “I” and becoming more mindful of the “now” for spiritual attainment, while doing a disservice to fellow humans and relations. what with leaving a small kid behind soon after his mothers death,  a racist attitude towards the sherpas, being irritable often, and indulging in marijuana in the trek !

The narrative also details too many minutiae about the surroundings which becomes a drag after a while.

Some of the references to other works are nicely tied with the local geography and culture though.  But the authors self serving attitude and the constant verbose quest about spiritual attainment defeats everything.


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